Mansion Island

In the Leninsky district of the Moscow region there is mansion Island. It’s the old «royal villa», known since the days of Ivan Kalita..

Усадьба Остров

This place is considered as one of the most visited by Russian tsars. The floodplain of the Moscow River has abundant wild beasts, and gave good scope for the king’s amusements.

Усадьба Остров

The history of Mansion Island comes across with Count Alexei Orlov,  brother of Gregory Orlov, favorite of empress Ekaterina II. Here he began his famous stud farm, just after gaining fame in Chesma battle with the Turks. Aivazovsky devoted to this event this picture.

Чесменский бой

After that battle Count Orlov get name Chesmensky.

Усадьба Остров

The estate was inherited by his daughter Anna. Aging 20 she become the richest Russian bride. But in 1837 the estate was sold to the Ministry of Property. Anna ended her life in monastery of Ugresh.

Усадьба Остров

Census of sold estate estate was impressive and includes many buildings, homes, sheds, kitchens,  servants’ houses, gardens etc

Усадьба Остров

Today around the Church of the Transfiguration one can see an ordinary suburban village, similar to the US, but hided with enormous fences.

Усадьба Остров

Transfiguration Church is the main attraction of the island. 60 meters high giant is standing on a hill, visible from far away.

Усадьба Остров

Усадьба Остров

The Church is in good condition, it is renovated.

Усадьба Остров

They say that the name of Mansion Island derives from the spring floods of Moscow River. Located on a hill, the estate used to be encompassed by spring flood.

Усадьба Остров

Усадьба Остров

Visitors are being escorted through the territory by a very affectionate cat. Priests say it is working for food. To say the truth it is working for love.

Усадьба Остров

Усадьба Остров

Mansion Island on the map


MAKS air show in Zhukovsky

Now we tell what was the air show MAKS looked like in 2011. Accounting the nature of the event, the whole thing has not changed dramatically.

Маленькие вертолеты можно возить на маленьких тягачах

During the air show every bush and crossroad in Zhukovsky is equipped with a policeman in a white shirt.

The airfield itself is not located somewhere in the settlements, but almost in the city. Drive through the park and you can see the construction that looks like a stadium, go into it and you are at the airport. There are few large old hangars, a large tail of the aircraft sticks out of one of them.

Securities check out your luggage and ask you to make a sip of lemonade you have. You’re thinking “What if to scream «No, no way! You’d better to kill me! «. We’re stuffing a vegetable tray with our cameras and peacefully following further.

Our photographer Volodya stopped everybody with a request:

— Are the raptors there? Girl, don’t you know is the T-50 already delivered? Ah, you’re searching also? Oh well…

Волонтерши на МАКСе

The whole exhibition for the most part is military. New fighters, old bombers, new drones, new helicopters, and something else, the name of which I do not know. A lot of rockets, anti-aircraft guns, missile launchers and rocket launchers. From simple profiteering forty-foot container stick tube C-300. Or even a C-400. I can’t define by eye.

This piece can be transported on public roads in the ordinary civilian tractor and everyone will think it’s watermelons. Although counterfeit watermelons, stuffed with potassium permanganate and nitrate watermelons, which scored in Moscow suburbs since every April, takes more lives than both C-300 and C-400.

There are a lot of foreigners, mostly Chinese. Liners and fighters can be seen outdoors, pavilions stuck up with a lot of other useful things — glaziers’ diamonds, quadcopters etc. Here and there in the crowd proudly and cheerfully strode pilots of «our Western partners,» among them are heavily decorated with Service Ribbon. Apparently, they are raising the level of democracy in the underdeveloped parts of the world.

Суровый мириканский летчик. Наверное, это про него:

We were told that we could go on new Boeing Dreamliner, which was one of the main events of the salon, but, as usual, we failed, because someone has not said to someone that we would come. But instead we got to a new Tupolev, however, unfinished one.

- У вас что - беспилотников не запускают? - А я из Конотопа! - А в Конотопе небо что - твердое? - Жидкое!

You can sit in cabin and twist the steering wheel. Aircraft hosts were very generous, but there was someone behind who shushes to us, «Do not touch the red button!».

We didn’t go on new Airbus 380 weren’t strong enough after a 5 hours on heat.

“That’s it! I’m full with aircrafts, no longer can. We need to change the subject. I’d like something like locomotives or what” — shared Volodya and I was a hell in solidarity with him.

We could find the only WC in the entire vast territory, until you get back from there you feel like to go again.

У девочки сломался фотоаппарат - точно такой же как мой - 450В с таким же портретником. Она сказала, что и тут виноват министр... Ох уж стереотипы...

PepsiCo was a partner, so all the food stalls were stuffed with chips and cola. Lunch in the canteen called the restaurant has cost 1800 rub.: 2 soups, 2 meatballs, 2 garnishes, 2 compotes and 1 apple charlotte for the photographer (I saved on myself).

Сюда можно подвесить HD-камеру

Souvenirs en masse were pretty poor: ugly hats, some plates, very stupid childish planes, more appropriate for the shop «all for 36 rubles» then for the air show. It is clear that most of the money made on combat missiles and meatballs, all rignt.

Raptor was never shown…

Каждому купившему беспилотник - велик в подарок

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