Afimall in Moscow City: Money Talks

Moscow City is kind of completed. Today there is no army of laborers collected from all over the former USSR. The embankment does not hidden by the multileveled rows of change houses, stretched for kilometers along the Moscow River.

But the construction, stretched for decades can not stop. As soon they put the last linoleum in one tower, it is already need to refresh siding in another.  Just put the last linoleum in one tower, as you already need to change the siding to another. This is how the entrance to one of the most pretentious shopping centers in Moscow, Afimall, looks like today.

– Is there a normal entrance to this supermarket?
– For normal entrance you have to pay in chatlas, sweetheart!

The shopping center, built 10 years ago, fully describes the approach to pathos investments. In the concept of the project, probably, appeared: it is necessary that all would be made of the marble, and the rest… depends of the dough remains.

There were enough of dough for the the fountain, matreshkas and the guards. Giant nesting dolls became the symbol of Afimol and even played a significant role in the movie “8 First Appointments” with Vladimir Zelensky.

It was a time when Zelensky was yet with us, did not curse Putin and had fun filming in our comedies with Shnur’s ex-wife. Now Snur went to First Channel, Zelensky – to the presidents of Ukraine, but Afimol stay alone where he was. Only nested dolls from the upper floor were removed. Whether they also were sent to Ukraine so that nothing would bind us to the newly-minted public servant, or they would be sent for major repairs.

Only one matryoshka, the T 1000 series made of molten metal of the cut mirror glass was left.

The fountain is okay, quite interesting. It sprays the water up to 50 meters. After a half-hour shooting of this fountain from different angles, a security guard approached us, remembering his direct duties – not to let go and asked us not to take a picture of this fountain. That was direct disposal of management, he explained.

It is obvious, the fountain could be secret, could have no analogues in the world and so on. As if something happened. What if somebody see it on Moscowgraphy website and would understand THE TRUTH?!  This can not be allowed. Immediately after this guard’s announcement a group of Koreans stopped next to him and began scrupulously take pictures of the same notorious fountain. He mentally spat and returned to his direct duties – gabbing with the sellers. 

The food court here is also generally useless. But a young family with a mortgage can comfortably have a cup of tea from a thermos on the bench.

In short, there is only entertainment here – to loaf around, to gaze and walk along the embankment.

The Moscow authorities are not fond of the cool and ambitious project of the near-memorable Mirax Group of Polonsky. It is not mentioned either on the website of the city government, nor in the image production, nowhere. Moscow City which was supposed to be (and in fact became) one of the symbols of the modern capital, has become some kind of thorn. It can be seen from everywhere, it is cool and gorgeous, but still some kind of non-native, at least for the authorities.

I think a lot will change when Sberbank inhabit one of the towers, received for debt. Then we will see Moscow City in booklets and on websites. By this time, as they say, the mortgage will drop to the Indian level, and many of us can buy a flat here overlooking the river.

Howbeit – go and see. 

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