Cycling to Northen River Station

The Northern River Station is a very beautiful place, but, unfortunately, there are many problems also. Firstly, the building of the River Station is constantly being repaired, already more than for five years. And every year it looks worse, like a rabid lover of plastic surgery. Now it is tightly closed with a mesh and stands semi-disassembled. Apparently, the restoration has reached a new qualitative level.

The second problem – there is no access to the shore. It is closed by several rows of fences, so one could not approach the water.

Then – there is no through passage along the coast. You can walk by the pavement along the fences, stand up in a dead end, turn around and go back. It reminds a walking zone in a prison.

Well, in general – interesting. On the other bank, in the Northern Tushino park, you can see the submarine Novosibirsk Komsomolets (which is museum now) and the landing ekranoplan Eaglet.

But the main problem for cyclists in the Northen River Station is ongoing thefts of bicycles which are keep being stolen right from the bicycling parking next to metro station.

And the worst thing is that the police know about it and becomes pretty surprised when hears that someone still leaves his bike here.

Thats why we had to have the second folding bike Shulz Hopper 3, which can be taken with you into the subway instead of leaving it in a bike parking. 

Read more about it here. Be careful.

Other photos of The Northen River Station

And some more photos

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