Red Square in the winter 2018

Traditionally, the New Year agenda of Moscowgraphy does not do without a photo of Red Square which is carefully decorated every year.

This winter the main square of the country pleases tourists with the New Year’s bazaar, a skating rink, which has become even large, and a huge slide, which was erected in Revolution Square.

Thousands of people run through the Red Square in a big hurry, managing to take a couple of shots. The brilliance and charm of the bourgeoisie Red Square in winter is striking and few people think about the hard work of thousands of people standing behind all this. Not to mention the giant budget.

GUM is one of the main “New Year centers” in Moscow.

One of the legendary “units of harvesting machinery”, the hordes of which burst into the media ether, is only the first snowflake to touch the Moscow asphalt. Every year, their number, if you believe the radio, increases dramatically. I remember when there were five thousand of them in Moscow, after a year they talked about ten, now less than fifteen the radio announcer won’t even open his mouth. I am sure that soon their number will be equal to the number of citizens, and then the snow will fall not on the road, but right into the KAMAZ’s bodies.

GUM – Themain universal store. But someone can consider it only as a universal museum.

Smokes of the first state district power station after Vasily the Blessed Temple.

Nikolskaya: the surrounding Red Square streets are all in garlands.

The main snow hill of the country is under the watchful eye of serious people. The Big hill is so big that it is even marked by Yandex on the map, like many other NewYear’s jolly places around.

There are more and more of Christmas trees on the Manege Square. It will take a little time before Marshal Zhukov has to take a parade in the spruce forest.

Anyway, RedSquare is one of the most “New Year places” in the country. Go and see.

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